Gaming, cinema and events go together!

Cinegaming - Gaming in the cinema

Gambling in the cinema!

Play your favorite game with friends on the big screen.

Select cinema and date now –
and book your game event!

Gaming, cinema and events go together!


Gambling in the cinema!

Play your favorite game with friends on the big screen.

Select a cinema and date now and book your gaming event!

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What you need to bring:

1. Own console including HDMI, power and other connection cables
2. Controller for number of players.
3. Games you would like to play.

You must

1. The minimum booking period for a room is 2 hours
2. The lead time for bookings is at least 10 days
3. The booking is not transferable
4. Any use other than gaming is not permitted.

Current events, news and information

Your content while gaming in the cinema!

We bring content creators, streamers and influencers from Twitch, Instagram or YouTube channels to the big screen and create unique community experiences for the communities in the cinema.


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Bachelor party or birthday?

Your event in the cinema!
Are you planning a bachelor party or a birthday ? What better way to start your day than with gaming on the big screen. Gambling on the big screen for a bachelor party or birthday – really big cinema! And then we continue to celebrate…
By the way: CINEGAMING is also great for children's birthdays and Christmas parties !

Do you miss your cinema? Then let us know and suggest it to us.

Gaming in the cinema? No problem! Do it like many before you:
Simply book your cinema appointment online, grab your console with games, whether it's a Nintendo Switch , Sony Playstation 5 / PS 4 or Microsoft X-Box and off you go! Take your friends with you and simply share the room rental, the cheaper it will be per person or just celebrate your bachelor party or birthday! You don't know what to play? Here are the currently most popular games for gaming in the cinema: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo) , FIFA 23 (EA Sports) , Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo) , Crash Team Racing (Activision) , Team Sonic Racing (Sega) , GrandTourismo (Sony Interactive) , Call of Duty (Activision)

Many thanks to Lifton Media GmbH and the UCI Kino Bochum for their kind support with the video!